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About Our Luxe Keys

Luxe Key Elements was created and inspired from a concept and vision that ordinary keys could be luxurious keys. Each one of our special jewelry keys is custom made to order with elements of precious metals, such as gold, silver and gems.

Our luxe Keys have been designed to be special keys. We believe that our jewelry keys are meant to be kept, cherished and collected just like other fine jewelry. It is for this reason that our keys are designed so you may keep your key and have a new blade cut to fit a new or different lock in the future. We are the only jewelry key manufacturer that creates fine jewelry keys that are real keys.

We specialize in these unique keys while offering a service that we provide to our customer. We match and make a precise copy of your key using a precision laser key cutting machine. Our key blades are custom designed to fit our special keys which are only available through our company.

We are the sole manufacture for which we hold a Patent on our unique keys and are a registered Trade Mark.

We believe our keys will forever change the way the world thinks of keys and clearly wish to inspire those who love the finest luxuries with our amazing fine jewelry Keys.