Our Collection of Luxury Keys

Creating Unique Custom Jewelry Keys for Estates or That Special Place called Home.

Luxe Key Elements is a company that we created and developed as a vision, and a concept that ordinary keys could be luxurious Jewelry keys.

 We have beautifully reinvented the keys that exist in the marketplace today.

We offer our collection of

luxury Jewelry keys and luxury accessories. Through our website we offer custom designed keys and accessories. we also create custom designs for companies.

We work with a variety of precious stones.

Some of our luxury keys are set with precious stones. We offer white diamonds, or white Sapphires. another favorite is black diamonds. We also offer Aqua Marine stones. Wc can also customize our keys using your favorite birth stone.

including as well as script. 


Branding is available for companies and, are customized for the client’s needs.

 Luxe Key Elements it is a unique niche market that make real jewelry keys.

We make custom jewelry keys and accessories for the luxury market, such as luxury keys, key chains, charms and other custom accessories.

 Who are we in the luxury market? Luxe Key Elements is part of the luxury accessories Industry.

We are Also a part of the luxury jewelry industry.

Simultaneously, we are luxury jewelry hardware. This is because we cast our keys and accessories in precious stones. But, we are actually real house keys. Therefore, we are creating a new niche in the luxury hardware market.

What makes us different?

We would like you to know is that (No keys that are real functional keys exist in the fine jewelry Market) besides our company. 


Jewelry keys in the luxury jewelry market, other than our company are non-functional.  

Rather, those jewelry keys are purely purchased for the style and, are only associated with what the significance of a key means to the buyer.

Our luxury keys are meticulously cast by hand using precious and semi- precious metals such as silver and gold. We are comparatively a luxury accessories company because, 
a luxury key is an accessory we keep with us wherever we go. 
This includes our key chains and other accessories they too, are making a statement about our taste and style.
We offer our unique collection of keys and accessories on our website. Customers are looking for our unique keys and accessories can find the perfect gift. and 
You may find our products in luxury Interior designer showrooms.  
Luxe Key Elements is considered part of the international luxury designer industry:

because we are in the luxury market of making fine keys and accessories. We work with Interior designers, architects, Luxury real estate companies, Luxury home builders, and the luxury hospitality industry.

Our mission statement is to create

an incredible difference in the perception of what house keys can be. By bringing our passion, beauty and integrity to the luxury accessories market.

We do this through exquisite and thoughtfully designed Jewelry keys and accessories. And by offering high level services for our customer’s needs.

Creating a legacy with our real luxury keys and accessories and changing the way the world thinks of jewelry Keys.


Our Keys are like Tiffany’s keys.

Although, we are real luxury, jewelry house keys 

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